Sticking With It

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

I hope Monday was good to you!  I was thinking this morning about how things are going and wanted to share.

When trying to stay positive, keep our thoughts on what we want and letting our emotions flow through without getting swept away it can be very difficult.  There are so many events throughout the day that try to draw us away from all that we are trying to do, how do we stay away from it?  We can’t!

In my own personal experience, I seem to lecture myself like I have done something wrong.  Why did I let the person that just cut me off get me so mad?  Why did I let the guest that sat in my section today get under my skin, I am trying to change?

I am human, there is nothing wrong with me, I will make mistakes and get upset even when I shouldn’t.  It is about acknowledging it and learning from that moment that will make me better.

It is like in meditation, the guide tells me to sit and relax.  Can I sit and relax?  I mean I am a busy mom of three and have a lot going on, all I do is think!  Lecturing myself again “Come on Heather, get it together just focus on the breath”.

However, it is OK to have thoughts!  It’s about learning to not get caught in the them and have it consume me.  Let them come and go and just flow with the day!

So with all this said, understand that we are not perfect.  There will be times that we get caught up in the nonsense, knowing that we probably shouldn’t.  Or not being as positive and accepting as we want to be some days.  It is about how to handle these things and learn from it.

Don’t lecture yourself!

Love yourself and be accepting of the learning that you are going through!









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