Live In The Moment

Happy Saturday!

Over the past week have you kept a journal of what you are grateful for?  How does it make you feel?  When thinking about what you are grateful for do you get butterflies in your stomach?

So I have been meditating and writing in a journal for about a month, I know that it’s not very long but it really has made me feel different.  I can’t express enough how doing these simple things can change your whole body.  When I think about and write down what I am grateful for I actually feel it.  I get the butterflies and a smile comes to my face.

During my guided meditation, I am asked to feel every sensation that consumes my body.  Not only do I feel every itch that I am not reacting to but I literally feel every part as she is saying it.  Starting from the top of my head down to my ankles, as she says it I feel it.

Have you ever sat and just felt all the sensations through your body, without reacting to them?  When is the last time you took time to just relax and listen to your body?

We get so caught up in our thoughts and what we need to get ready for something that is happening months from now, why not feel what is happening today?  You are the most important person!

What is something that makes you full of joy?  Going on a hike?  Riding a bike?  Dancing to music in the living room with the kids?  Reading a good book?  Now, when is the last time you did that?  Make Time!

So lets do a few things:

INSIST on waking up every morning grateful.

INSIST on putting aside time for you!

INSIST on letting go of your thoughts.

I guarantee that if you start with one, two or even all three of these things, you will start to feel amazing.  Yes working out will make you feel good and eating healthy is great.  However, if you are not healthy from within, you will not be full and unable to live life in the moment!





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